SanDisk 承認部分 Mobile Ultra microSD 卡出現問題,特別是搭配 S3 和 Note 2 的情況下

在使用 SanDisk 的 microSD 記憶卡的你,是否有碰到類似問題?

有一陣子,台灣 Samsung GALAXY S III 或是 Note II 用戶都會發生 SanDisk microSD 卡無故掛點的問題,在國外已經得到正式回應。

國外部分 GALAXY S III 用戶也碰到使用 32GB 的 SanDisk microSD 卡無故掛點的情況。AndroidCentral 一名用戶致電 Samsung 客服得到了相當有趣的回應,簡單來說就是請用戶不要相信論壇上的言論,而 Samsung 並沒有碰到類似的問題,你是第一個用戶告知等諸如此類的回應。

Sherard S: We haven’t seen this kind of issue with any of our customers. Please do not trust the information which you find in a third party website or forum. The information which is posted in forums or third party website is fake. Those website’s or forums or not controlled by Samsung. Due to this, anyone can post anything in those websites/forums.
Sherard S: Did you try using the same memory card in any other phone?

相關問題,也在 SanDisk 討論區引起了相當大的討論

在相當多的討論之後,英國 The Register 網站詢問 SanDisk 這件事情的看法得到相當正面的回應。該發言人提到,SanDisk 生產了一批有問題的 microSD 記憶卡,這小部分的記憶卡型號是 SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSD 系列,而容量方面為 32 以及 64GB 兩款。這個問題已經被確認,同時已經能被複製。SanDisk 建議若使用者碰到類似問題,請與該公司客服進行聯繫。

SanDisk has been made aware of potential product issues involving a very small percentage of its 32GB and 64GB SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSD cards. Under certain circumstances the cards may lock up and the card becomes inaccessible. The issue has been identified and a manufacturing fix has already been put in place. SanDisk stands behind its products and any customer who experiences this issue with the microSD cards cards is asked to contact the SanDisk support center for a resolution immediately.

我們將會與 SanDisk 相關人士進行確認,以瞭解台灣地區的後續將如何處理類似問題。



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